Saturday, October 16, 2010

AutoMassTraffic and DirectCPV Review and it isn't good ... may be a scam.

By Michael Peterson

I got an email promotion for AutoMassTraffic like millions of other people did. So, like I usually do, I bought the thing. After all, I can’t comment on something I didn’t buy.

After a thorough review here’s my advice, save your money.

The company recommended, DirectCPV is a complete mickey mouse operation that takes people’s money but doesn’t deliver ANY advertising or poor quality at best with poor conversions. Everyone that I’ve talked to about it has said the same thing.

I PERSONALLY put up $100 and three weeks later my ads are still “pending” as if it takes three weeks to review an ad I’ve run on Google, MSN, and InternetAdCenter.

It's DirectCPV that needs a lot of review. Things like this really rile me up because honest people are trying to make a living on the web and offers like this AutoMassTraffic gizmo give them false hope and steal their money.

Once again, the market jumped on an offer that turned out to be over-inflated hype.

Apparently through the AutoMassTraffic push they have on through Clickbank, they opened “thousands of accounts” which is their excuse for absolutely horrible customer service. It can happen, we all know that.

A product goes viral and all of a sudden you have more business than you can handle. Reputable businesses have an honest response to such things… they stop taking new orders.

If you can’t handle the business you have coming in your door, here’s a clue … stop taking more orders. I don’t think that’s asking too much. Start a waiting list.

The short term gain you get from the income isn’t worth the long term loss of confidence and market credibility in my opinion after 6 years of internet marketing. If ClickBank had a clue they would pull this offer but we all know they will not.

So, if you’re thinking about buying advertising from DirectCPV you may wish to look elsewhere. You’d be better off with Google adwords and we all know how expensive that is but at least you’d have real clicks from real people. Not this spamware idea that will fall apart.

Personally, I like private networks of legitimate online niche websites that have loyal visitors you can build relationships with and make money over the long haul, not this flash in the pan stuff.

I don't trust networks where anyone anywhere can put of some boiler plate site and post ads. It makes me nervous and the clickfraud rate is too high.

I don’t mean to be so brutal but frankly it really gets me upset when I see offers that I know hard working “regular” folks who are just trying to make a decent living online are falling for and they turn out to be complete hoax’s.

If you order advertising from a company, you’re ads should be either rejected or start running within a reasonable amount of time (48 hours MAX) and shouldn’t take 4 emails to get a response from the customer service department.

My advice, take a pass on AutoMassTraffic and DirectCPV unless you have money to burn.